Why book with us?

Working with us is a partnership

Do you know that traveler spends 42 hours on average to arrange a trip that includes cruise, flight, pre and –post hotel, transfers, and activities?  Of course, most of that time is spent educating themselves about the various destination options and travel products available on the market.  The internet is great to find information, though it can be confusing and non-reliable.   When it comes to booking complex travel arrangements, it may be, both, time consuming and overwhelming.  That is why we offer to work in partnership with our clients. We provide travel services that eliminate the client’s need to spend hours surfing the internet.  Also, it may be economically beneficial for the client because we help our clients to find the best option within their budget.  Best of all, this service is provided free-of-charge to you!  The vendors and travel suppliers pay our fee.  As travels agents, we are also able to find deals that, sometimes, include a bonus, like extra on-board spending.