Experience the Unique Thrill of Dinner in the Sky

Imagine yourself seated at an elegantly set table surrounded by friends and family, as you enjoy a gourmet meal. Now imagine this entire dining experience happening while you are suspended 150 feet in the air! This unique once-in-a-lifetime adventure is called Dinner in the Sky, an unforgettable dining concept that first originated in Belgium in 2006 and has now expanded to major cities around the world.

Dinner in the Sky offers thrill-seekers and adventure lovers the chance to dine at new heights. This daring culinary experience involves raising a specially designed dining platform secured to a crane high up into the air. The platform can accommodate up to 22 guests plus wait staff, providing plenty of room for an intimate dinner party in the clouds.
The locations where you can book Dinner in the Sky seem endless, with options in international destinations like Macau, Dubai, Madrid, London, and Sydney. US locations include Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Denver, Honolulu, Los Angeles, and more. Wherever you choose, you’re guaranteed jaw-dropping scenery and memories to last a lifetime.
Before the dining platform lifts off, guests arrive at the location and are fitted with safety harnesses by professional staff. Once everyone is securely buckled into their seats at the table, final safety checks are completed before the platform is slowly and smoothly raised high into the sky by the crane. As you start ascending, the feeling of excitement and wonder is palpable.

Up in the air, you’ll be stunned by the spectacular 360-degree panoramic views of the city or landscape around you. Whether you’re dining over a glimmering city skyline or rolling countryside, the scenery from this height is truly breathtaking. Servers provide gracious five-star service, pouring wine and describing each artful course as you dine. Between dinner courses, you may be entertained by aerial dancers suspended on harnesses gracefully performing around you.

The gourmet food and wine pairing is prepared by acclaimed local chefs and can be customized for your event. You’ll enjoy premium farm-to-table ingredients transformed into culinary works of art. Each menu is skillfully crafted to match the unique setting 150 feet above the ground. Depending on the Dinner in the Sky location, you may enjoy flavors from Peruvian, Brazilian, Mexican, French, or Italian cuisine. The meal lasts two to three hours to ensure you have plenty of time to savor every bite while suspended in the air.

As the Dinner in the Sky experience comes to an end, the dining platform is slowly and carefully lowered back to solid ground. Although your feet touch down, we assure you your mind will still be soaring from the incredible memories made. This once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventure is perfect for proposals, birthday celebrations, corporate events or just an extraordinary night out for thrill seekers.
Gourmet dining at new heights, paired with astonishing aerial views, makes Dinner in the Sky an unparalleled special occasion. Dare to dine in the sky at one of these spectacular locations around the world. But book your flight soon – with sensations this powerful, Dinner in the Sky is sure to takeoff in popularity. Let us help customize your thrilling gastronomical adventure in the clouds.

Contact Cruise Jet Travel today to start planning your Dinner in the Sky experience and we’ll make sure your meal above the world is a night you’ll never forget.